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  • Separation Anxiety in Shelter Dogs w/ Dr. Valarie Tynes on 7/25/24 at noon PT/3 pm ET

    Board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valarie Tynes will be joining us to talk about managing separation anxiety in shelter dogs.  Most of us struggle when dogs have moderate or severe separation anxiety - Dr. Tynes will share her experience as a clinical and shelter veterinary behaviorist! 

  • Foster to Adopt Programs: Supportive pathways from shelter to home on 8/1/24 at 3pm ET

    How are other organizations running foster to adopt programs that get pets into homes quickly while keeping length of stay low? We’ll hear from two different organizations on program structure, success and challenges  during our next MMFC webcast! 


    Lauren Nickerson, Executive Director, Hawaii Island Humane Society

    Katie Hutchinson, Outcomes Manager at Pima Animal Care Center

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