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Cat friends - your help needed!

  • 1.  Cat friends - your help needed!

    Posted 07-03-2020 09:11 AM

    Dear Cat Friends,

    I am huge fan of cats and an academic who has recently done work in the field of mammal paralinguistics. Because of this research, my colleagues and I have decided to work on an app to help owners monitor the wellbeing of their cats.

    We are trying to making a difference, and I am writing to you for help.

    We are looking for a few cat owners to comment on the application we are developing. We have created an online questionnaire that allows owners to do so. Here is the link:

    It will take you five minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can upload your cat's picture at the end, and we will create a webpage with all cats who helped us, thanking them publicly. Your answers are completely anonymous and will not be shared with anyone else.

    Our research indicates that many people misinterpret their cat's state, even those that own cats for a long time. The first version of our app will focus therefore on helping owners to correctly identify the emotional state of cats. We will use a combination of algorithms and computer vision technology for that.

    Later versions of the app will focus on other health metrics. Computer vision, for example, will be used to diagnose conjunctivitis.

    We posted in this forum with the permission of the administrator, who graciously decided to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in this thread and we will respond.

    Best wishes,