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Recruiting for Shelter Animals Count Animal-Level Data Pilot Study

  • 1.  Recruiting for Shelter Animals Count Animal-Level Data Pilot Study

    Posted 10-04-2021 06:50 AM


    The Center for Shelter Dogs at Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and Shelter Animals Count are conducting a pilot study to understand what is needed to successfully accomplish and sustain animal-level data collection, and we are looking for US organizations to participate! If you or anyone you know works at an animal shelter, rescue, or municipal animal agency and are interested in participating in this study, please see the invitation below to register.

     The goal of the pilot study is to identify detailed insights that will help improve centralized data collection and explore sheltering trends. No individual animal, person, or shelter data will be identified or published. Participants are required to export a year's worth of data in monthly increments, which is completely separate from the current Shelter Animals Count monthly data collection. Due to time constraints that many organizations are understandably experiencing right now, interviews that would allow us to learn more about an organization's data categorization and management is optional.

    If your organization uses PetPoint or ShelterLuv to record shelter data, we have developed unique reporting processes for these platforms, making the process very quick and easy for all participants no matter the skill-level of software users. If a streamlined reporting process makes it more feasible for your organization to participate in this groundbreaking study, we would love to hear from you!

    Interested in being a part of this groundbreaking project? Sign up at

     Questions? Contact us at

    Deadline to register is Monday, Nov. 1st 2021

    Thank you!

    Jessica Baldeck

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