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Pet Registration

  • 1.  Pet Registration

    Posted 01-22-2021 11:27 AM

    My shelter is considering approaching our city to offer to do pet registration for them. We have to make a convincing argument and show them the benefits of handling this responsibility. I wonder if any other shelters offer this service and can share with me the benefits of running the program for their city or other municipality. Any information or data you can share to help strengthen my argument will be appreciated!


    Brandon Mustful
    Executive Director 
    Great River Rescue

    brandon mustful

  • 2.  RE: Pet Registration

    Posted 09-15-2021 09:25 AM
    Hi Brandon, by pet registration are you referring to license and rabies management?  Have you looked into the ordinances to see what the requirements on the registration are?  Most municipalities don't do a lot of enforcement when it comes to registration but do consider it a source of revenue.  If you can show that you can increase their compliance with licensing and rabies control you would both be increasing revenue and public safety which most jurisdictions will find beneficial.

    Annette G. Ramirez
    Assistant General Manager
    Los Angeles Animal Services

    Field Services and Public Safety &
    Laws and Public Policy Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Pet Registration

    Posted 09-15-2021 09:41 AM
    Hi Annette,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I am referring to licensing and rabies management. And, yes, you are correct, the city doesn't do much with compliance but do consider it a source of revenue. I believe we could greatly increase compliance which would improve safety and revenue. The tough part is just getting the conversation going. I met with the Mayor back in March, but nothing has moved forward since then. He is coming to our fundraiser in October though, so I plan on bringing it to his attention again. 

    Thanks so much!

    brandon mustful

  • 4.  RE: Pet Registration

    Posted 09-16-2021 08:35 AM
    Is there proof or research somewhere that licensing promotes safety? Why have some municipalities dropped "licensing and moved to other public safety practices?  See Albuquerque .

    How much does "licensing" cost gov vs intake? What about other methods like rabies vacc and registration enforcement? Which methods gain in voluntary compliance vs others?

    Augusta Farley