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Vaccine Clinics- what does your paperwork look like?

  • 1.  Vaccine Clinics- what does your paperwork look like?

    Posted 09-08-2021 12:31 PM
    Hey everybody- so I am so excited that we are about to start doing community vaccine and microchipping clinics again, but wanted to see what's the newest and greatest in terms of documentation for owners?

    I was thinking, now that we have all been exposed to it, of creating a card like we got for COVID vaccines that have vaccine/ microchip stickers right on them, instead of a piece of paper.

    What is everyone else finding that works? Also, does anyone have good authorization/ liability waiver templates they are using they could share?

    Any printed materials you use- please share! Or any tips/ tricks that you have found to make the process go more smoothly. It's been so long... I feel rusty!! :)

    Alexis Pugh
    Director, Memphis Animal Services

    Organizational Management
    & Pet Support Services Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Vaccine Clinics- what does your paperwork look like?

    Posted 21 days ago

     Great question. I love the idea of a vaccine card and I do think that is a great idea.   We use the form attached below, that way clients can choose what package they want based on the age of their pet and  what the animal has or has not had in the past.  It also gives them the option to purchase items individually and purchase preventatives as well.  I spoke to a few clinics about using the cards and how effective it has been for them. Some clinics love it others do not because the clients still lose them. I have also found that some clinics only use it for rabies. I think it may work wonderfully for 3 year rabies.  Overall I think this is a great idea.

    Marissa Reid
    LifeLine Animal Project