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buddy system

  • 1.  buddy system

    Posted 08-30-2021 02:48 PM


    Does anyone utilize an onboarding buddy system in their organization? Where employees 

    From Harvard Business Review's article "Every New Employee Needs an Onboarding 'Buddy': "Over the past few years, Microsoft has been working to improve its onboarding process through a pilot program involving "onboarding buddies": a dedicated current employee assigned to help a new hire's transition. The company learned that these buddies help ensure a successful onboarding in three key ways: they provide organizational context, boost productivity, and improve new employee satisfaction."



    Rory Adams

  • 2.  RE: buddy system

    Posted 09-07-2021 08:18 AM
    Hi Rory!

    We are a very small organization (only 6 staff members), so we do not have an employee buddy system.  New employees get to meet with every other staff member individually when they start, and we do a lot of one on one training in those early days.  However, with thousands of trained volunteers, we are hoping to launch a buddy system of sorts for our volunteers.  Essentially, we are planning to designate "lead" volunteers who have a team of volunteers that they help mentor.  We love this idea because our volunteers are the ones out on the front lines the most.  In addition, our volunteer program can be isolating (you show up for your dog walking shift and don't interact with other volunteers), so we hope it leads to more of a sense of community!

    I'd be interested to know others' thoughts on this.  Has anyone else had volunteers mentor each other?

    Carrie Nydick Finch, MS, LCSW
    Deputy Director of Programs and Strategy

    Case Management &
    Community Partnerships Specialist