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Let's talk about CARE Centers

  • 1.  Let's talk about CARE Centers

    Posted 09-14-2021 05:15 AM
    Do you know about CARE Centers?

    CARE Centers are all about community wisdom and community solutions. We support , invest in, and help to create sustainable solutions within communities to create sustainable change. 

    One of the proximate leaders that we're investing in and supporting now is Tim Freeman. Tim is an amazing community advocate and dog trainer in Atlanta, Georgia. His new organization, Braveheart Pets', goal is to help connect people in his community with resources for their pets. With his extensive knowledge of dog behavior and training, one of his first initiatives is going to be to hold FREE weekly training classes for community members.

    Another example would be Awanook Bratvold and her organization Awesiinyag Are Loved. Awanook was on her way to work one frigid day in Minnesota, when she saw two dogs in a backyard, huddled together for warmth. This image stuck with her the entire day. At lunch, she shared the story with her co-workers. They all pitched in for hay and one co-worker had a dog house he wasn't using that he wanted to donate as well. After helping those two dogs, Awanook kept helping more and more. Today she's helped hundreds! We're now supporting her and her organization to help even more pets and people in her community. They actually held their first FREE spay, neuter, and wellness clinic.

    The CARE CENTER model will not always include a Building.
    Some CARE CENTER organizations will be focused on Access to Care via Transport Services. Other organizations will focus on community awareness of issues related to Animal Care and Control, Spay & Neuter, Puppy Mills and Adoption. While some organizations will deliver services from within a building. CARE CENTERS will be designed around solving and preventing problems, so their shape and size will vary to meet their community's unique challenges and desires.



    Michael Bricker
    CSO & Director of Care Centers

    People Management Specialist
    Adoptions and Adoption Programs Specialist