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Hip Tips about RTH! My animals are in my phone, are yours?

  • 1.  Hip Tips about RTH! My animals are in my phone, are yours?

    Posted 30 days ago

    Those of us working in the business totally understand the importance of pet identification and currently registered microchips, but most pet owners really don't. If they do, it doesn't often stick.

    So, how do we get through to them so that we leave a lasting impression?

    Here's one that I wish I could take credit for but have to admit I stole it from El Paso, Texas. Personally, I think it's brilliant. An animal is just adopted or returned to its family, and you are discussing the microchip and how it works. A cool conversation to consider is suggesting that they create a contact in their phone with the pet's name and the microchip number as the phone number.

    That way, if the animal ever goes missing, they don't have to hunt for the paperwork to find the chip number. I would also suggest they add the phone number for the chip company and the website. Make this a fun conversation and you will leave a lasting impression! Heck, have them do it right there at the front counter with you. They can even add a photo of their animal so it pops up in case they ever call!

    My animals are in my phone, are yours?

    If anyone has a hip tip to share, here's the place to do it!


    Gina Knepp
    National Shelter Engagement Director
    Michelson Found Animals Foundation
    Los Angeles, California

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