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HASS Toolkit Information - Intake to Placement

  • 1.  HASS Toolkit Information - Intake to Placement

    Posted 09-14-2021 12:16 PM
    Hello. My name is Faith Wright. I am the Maddie's Animal Shelter Management Advisor. I am also currently the Acting Director of Palm Valley Animal Society. I am the reporting lead for the Intake to Placement Working Group.

    The Intake to Placement working group wanted to solve the following problem: In the traditional sheltering model, animals enter the shelter and are placed in kennels where they may wait days or weeks to move through the system toward a placement. The traditional process may increase the number of animals housed in kennels, result in sickness, mental health decline and stress, shelter crowding, and needless animal deaths in shelters. The traditional process is also expensive, requires unnecessary daily shelter care, and feeding for animals that could be cared for outside the shelter.  The working  group spent a lot of time gathering documents that are being utilized by other organizations as well as creating goal timelines for animals moving through a shelter. You can find the Intake to Placement Toolkit at

    If you have any questions, comments, etc. about this toolkit please contact us through this thread. 

    Thank you to the hardworking members of the Intake to Placement Working Group, the City of El Paso, KC Pet Project, Pima Animal Care Center, Lifeline, Fredericksburg SPCA, and Lollypop Farms for providing sample documents shared in the toolkit.


    Faith Wright