Huddle 7: Laws and Regulations

Join us for the seventh huddle of the No Place Like Home Challenge on Tuesday, February 23 (10am PST)! This interactive huddle will include a total of 20 minutes of presentation time and 20 minutes for Q&A. 

Hosted by: Adam Ricci (Palm Valley) and Chris Fitzgerald (City of Rochester)

Topic: Regulations and laws encourage Return to Home
- Redemption fees can be waived or reduced; if not possible offer affordable payment plans; donation-based fund for redemption; mandatory spay/neuter for redemption can be waived
- Review state and local ordinances against internal policies to ensure what is truly required by law and what is aiding or hampering Return to Home
- Team works with owners to fix problems that lead to lost animals (i.e. - mending doors and fences)
- Encourage microchipping over mandatory licensing

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When:  Feb 23, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM (PT)
Associated with  No Place Like Home Challenge
Online Instructions:
Login: Call will be hosted on Zoom. Use the link above to register for the huddle and follow the link again at the time of the event to join the call.