2024 Open Arms Challenge

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Open Arms Challenge Curriculum 

01-17-2024 04:13 PM

Explore a variety of self-paced courses and webcast recordings in Maddie's University that support the goals of the Open Arms Challenge:

  • Processes are equitable and inclusive
  • Customer service is ensured through customer service
  • Marketing is inclusive of all areas of your community
  • Organization embraces an open and welcoming culture
  • Organization embraces partnerships with other organizations

Includes the following courses and webcasts:

  1. Customer Service for Animal Shelters - Learn practical skills for serving customers effectively
  2. Servicio al Cliente para Refugios de Animales - Aprenda habilidades prácticas para atender a los clientes con eficacia
  3. Marketing a Foster Pet - Use marketing techniques to find adopters for pets in foster or in the shelter
  4. FUNdamentals of Marketing - Develop a marketing & communications plan to deliver your message
  5. NACA Field Services Series: Community-Centered Programming - Implement innovative programming to partner with the community while maintaining public safety
  6. NACA Field Services Series: Communication as a Tool - Learn how to deploy the most important tool in your tool belt
  7. Open Cat Adoptions: Keep Them Moving, Get Them Home - Move cats through your system efficiently and into adoptive homes
  8. Open Dog Adoptions: Eliminating Roadblocks to Positive Outcomes - Remove barriers in your adoption process to increase lifesaving
  9. Keeping Tenants and Their Pets Together - Learn to ask the right questions to help tenants facing eviction keep their pets
  10. Community Partnerships - Create successful partnerships to better help animals and the people who love them
  11. Seven Guiding Principles of Foster Programs - Get the majority of your pets out of the shelter and into foster homes
  12. Transport as a Tool for Transformation - Collaborate effectively and efficiently to transport pets and increase live outcomes
  13. How to Place More Pets in Foster Homes - Expand your foster base and get more pets into foster and adoptive homes
  14. Pet Support Services - Start or grow your Pet Support Services program to benefit your community and your shelter
  15. Intake to Placement - Reduce length of stay and improve shelter health by implementing an intake to placement program
  16. Supported Self-Rehoming - Easily help pets find new homes without ever entering your shelter
  17. Keeping Pets in Homes - Keep pets in their homes and out of your shelter or rescue!

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