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  • Easing Noise Fear in Dogs and Cats w/ Dr. Lisa Radosta on 6/27/24 at noon PT/3 pm ET

    Board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lisa Radosta will be joining us to talk about noise fear in dogs with an emphasis on ways to recognize and treat this very common problem in dogs when they are in the shelter and how to set them up for success after adoption. Meant to be practical with usable strategies for reducing fear, including behavioral interventions and environmental modifications.  

  • LHS's Foster Resource Portal: June 6, 2024 12pmPT/3pmET

    Session Topic: Amber will walk us through LHS’s new web portal for foster caregivers, which puts resources and important information at fosters’ fingertips

    Speaker: Amber Cabell, Senior Manager of Operations, Lynchburg Humane Society


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