Animal Welfare Professionals Community on Maddie's Pet Forum

Maddie’s Pet Forum was developed to increase collaboration in the animal welfare industry.  This community has a targeted focus on topics related to animal shelters, rescue groups, community resource centers, human animal support services, and the changing animal welfare landscape.

If you are an animal welfare insider, work or volunteer at a companion animal organization or an organization associated with animal well-being, this community is for you!  When you join Maddie's Pet Forum, you'll be automatically added to this section of the forum within a couple of hours. If you'd prefer to dive right in, use the "Join Community/Group" button on the community homepage.

5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Experience on Maddie's Pet Forum

1.  Update Your Profile Information - Visit your profile page and update your contact & display information. Your First & Last Name are displayed on your profile and throughout the community. This display information can be edited by going to your profile page and clicking on the pencil icon next to "Contact Details" to edit your name, job title and organization name.

2. Follow Topics You Care About - Located on your forum profile page, topics are used in the Animal Welfare Professionals & Community to organize discussions and resources. Under "Topics I Follow" click on the "Add a Topic" text to select a topic of interest. When new activity is posted in a topic you follow, it will be included in your personalized digest email. To remove topics, click on the gray x next to the topic name. 

When you interact with discussions in topics you're not following, they will appear on your profile under Observed Topics. You can always remove those topics by clicking on the gray x next to the topic name if you don't want those topics associated with your digest email. 

3. Manage Your Email Notifications - There are two areas on Maddie's Pet Forum where you can manage what emails hit your inbox and when! Visit your Email Preferences located under "My Account" on your profile to turn on or off the type of emails you wish to receive such as System Emails, Community Emails and Participation Emails. Each section has a full description so you know exactly what each email includes.

Then head to your Community Notifications page also located under My Account on your profile page to adjust how you want to be notified about new discussions and content that have been posted to the main Animal Welfare Professionals Community. You can choose between Personalized Digest, Personalized Digest + Real Time Discussion Emails or No Email. 

If you are a member of other communities/groups, you will find each community/group name listed under Notification Settings on the same page. For each one, you can decide if you want to receive Real Time Emails, a Daily Digest or No Email.

Need fewer emails? If you are a member of multiple communities/groups, you can use the checkboxes to select if you would like to receive a Consolidated Daily Digest or a Consolidated Weekly Digest that shows all of your group activity in a single digest email.

You can even adjust which day of the week you would like to receive your Consolidated Weekly Digest from this page.

Pro-tip: For groups that you are very active in, selecting a Discussion Email frequency of "Real Time" or "Daily Digest" (not Consolidated Daily Digest) have a different look and feel to them. One of the perks of receiving a Real Time or Daily Digest email for your community/group is you have the ability to respond to discussions directly from your email inbox! 

4. Manage Your Privacy Settings - We know that privacy is important, especially when interacting online. That's why on your Maddie's Pet Forum Profile, you can choose which information you'd like to share with other community members.

For each item that appears on your profile, you can select if you would like that information to be visible to your forum contacts (contacts must be requested & approved), forum members only, publicly visible or only visible to you. 

5. Customize Your Discussion Signature - Similar to your signature that appears at the bottom of emails you send, discussion signatures are used on Maddie's Pet Forum at the bottom of any discussions or comments that you create. On your profile page under My Account, you'll find your Discussion Signature. By default, we display your First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company Name, City, State and Phone Number. You can update what variable you'd like to appear as your signature.
   Note:  First you need to click on the pencil icon below Contact Details on your Profile page to add your contact details (Job Title, Company Name, etc.)

Help us improve Maddie's Pet Forum

As you explore the updated forum, please report any bugs or issues you encounter by using the feedback button located on the right of each page. You can also email us at if you need help or have questions.

Thanks for being a member of the community and for all you do for people and pets!

Connecting to Maddie's University

You can now easily access all of Maddie's Fund online tools using your same login as you use here on Maddie's Pet Forum! Use the navigation at the top to visit Maddie's University to browse self-paced online courses, instructor led courses and webcasts designed for animal care organization personnel.