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 Maddie's Branded Training Landing Page

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kerryann may posted 04-27-2022 03:17 PM
While using the sample Trello board, I noticed that Peninsula Humane has a landing page specific for their fosers.

Does anyone know how to do this? Maybe I am not using the correct search terms to find this. I'd love to set up some training specific for our fosters.
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Erika Shaffer

Hi, Kerryann:

Yes, this is a free service that Maddie's Fund offers to shelters and rescues. We create a space on Maddie's University and put whatever training you choose there. You can also add your own resources and even have a discussion area. Managers of this space can see who enrolls and completes training. If that sounds like something you'd like to set up, email maddiesuniversity@maddiesfund.org and we can let you know more!