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 Shelter mgmt software: what is the best to track fosterers - capability, availability, etc.

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A Battenfield posted 05-16-2022 02:38 AM

We currently use Shelter Manager and much is wonderful about it. What we struggle with is about the people who foster our animals - or fosterers in Shelter Manager parlance. From tracking current availability to what types of animals they want, it's just not easy. So, I keep a spreadsheet. Which is fine, but it's duplicate work, frequently out of date, etc. We don't have unlimited funding, but if there was a software that was easy enough to use and let me keep better info about our fosterers, we might even be willing to pay a tad more. Would love to hear about what you all use and how it helps you track for fosterers.

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Taylor Prostor
Honestly we have been using double programs as well. We use Petpoint as our shelter management software but have always relied heavily on Microsoft Access to manage our foster volunteers. I have really like using Microsoft Access as it makes all the information easy to access, allows you to find and filter volunteers easily, track what animals they have fostered and what animals are currently out in foster care. My organization is having us slowly transition to relying on Petpoint to manage our foster program, and I am VERY sad about having to do so. Microsoft Access has worked very well for us and our foster program! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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Megan Watson

I have been interviewing different website programs as well! ShelterLuv has a foster sort feature and can show when they last fostered but it would also duplicate your animal info in PetPoint. I don’t know if you could use it only as a foster roster as their payment method is based on adoption processing… 

another website I’ve been using is JotForm surveys and spreadsheets. Your data can be collected and transferred over to Google Sheets as well! You can have 5 free forms and 100 submissions! Create or search for templates.