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Emily Roberts posted 05-11-2022 07:52 AM


Does anyone have a contract they use for emergency fostering/boarding for owners who were evicted or otherwise going through a big financial struggle? We had a dog brought into our shelter yesterday and we are working with the owner to be able to get his dog back once he's moved. We were able to offer him about a month of care and then we told him we would need to move on with the adoption process because we unfortunately couldn't hold his dog for him indefinitely. We've never done this kind of thing before but we really wanted to help him and embrace keeping pets with their people! I'm hoping someone could send me some kind of template contract they use for situations like this. 

My email is elbach@cortlandspca.org. Thank you all!! 

Emily Roberts
Executive Director
Cortland County SPCA

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Kelly Duer Foster Programs Specialist
Hi Emily! You can find examples of agreements from several different organizations here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FW8cHQkYRcnFXeeYkGXq2YeXrzK0fMFs?usp=sharing