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    Posted 07-02-2019 12:44 AM
    • I need some urgent help!

    I’ve had my half chihuahua, half ?????? puppy since she was born. She is now going to be a two in December. She’s a really small lap dog. Recently my step father’s 9 month old (but HUGE) dog had 8 puppies who she’s VERY protective of. It’s made her, who is really sweet & happy to a very timid, and some what aggressive dog. 

    Earlier (Monday, July 1st) I stopped by my mother and step fathers home. My pup was in the living room with their other dogs & out of no where the new momma dog came running out of the room and attacked her. She had her by the neck and was shaking her VERY VIOLENTLY. 

    Once we got her away I was hysterical & crying because I wasn’t sure what was going to be wrong. She has three gash marks from where the momma dog had her grasped in her mouth & her nose was bleeding. 

    My dog is a VERY SOCIAL dog. All day today she has laid in the same spot unless I’ve moved her, she won’t go outside, hasn’t ate or drank anything & doesn’t respond to her name. 

    I cleaned her slightly with a warm wash cloth just so I wouldn’t cause her any discomfort & I’ve been so scared to fall asleep Incase she’s really hurt. 

    About an hour ago I took a glance at her & she had a pool of snot like mucus on the arm of the couch & hanging from her nose. It was a light green/clear color but also a pink color from a bleed. This happened Monday at around 8 or 9 in the morning. When I saw this it was Tuesday 2am.

    I am absolutely terrified she’s hurt internally or something serious is happening. 

    I can not afford to take her to the vet. & after raising her from birth, I know I can NOT live without her. Even so, she has major separation anxiety being away from me & being around new people so I have no one to watch after her while I’m at work & again, I can not afford a vet appointment.





    Posted 07-02-2019 03:24 AM

    I know you say you can’t afford a vet but your dog’s injuries sound serious. She may need stitches. Perhaps you can find out if the vet has a payment plan you can manage. Otherwise call your local SPCA or humane society or local rescue to see if they may be able to help you out. Perhaps they know of a vet or clinic who provides affordable or free services. 





    Posted 07-02-2019 04:05 AM

    So I did do a search on google and found some good suggestions when I searched using the following phrase:

    veterinary services for those who cannot afford it

    Humane Society Of America was on the top of the results list but many other suggestions as well. Here are some places to check for starters:

    Your states vet medical association is another:

    Even if you find a vet or shelter that can offer affordable services but you’re still wondering how you can pay back, there’s the go fund me site:


    But please don’t wait. Perhaps a vet can give some over the phone suggestions. Check this hotline:



    Posted 07-02-2019 09:45 AM

    Hi, it sounds like your sweet dog is seriously hurt.  That sounded like some big trauma to a little dog. Please get her to a vet. You can apply for a care card and like someone else said start a go fund me page. She is suffering. Please let us know how she is doing?  



    Posted 07-03-2019 12:39 PM
    We’re very sorry to hear about your dog. Here are some resources we’re aware of that may be able to help. 
    • The Pet Fund ( or 916.503.0550),  focuses on non-basic, non-urgent care for individuals who have had their pets for six months or longer  
    • Red Rover (, which offers financial assistance grants so pet caregivers can care for animals who need urgent veterinary care (through their relief grants program).
      In addition to the above sites, here are some websites that have extensive lists of organizations that provide financial aid for vet care.  Please note, some of these funding organizations are specific to breed, location or illness.   And finally, we’re aware of a few resources veterinarians and pet caregivers can access:
    • Scratchpay ( is an app that provides a payment plan option. Since it is not a credit card, it should not affect your credit score.
    • Varidi: - enables businesses such as veterinarians to offer flexible payment options to their customers.
    • The AVMA Vet Care Charitable Fund: - provides financial assistance through veterinarians that apply on your behalf and are licensed AVMA members.
    • Care Credit: – offers people a credit card option to be used for medical treatment.
    • Waggle Foundation: - Ask your veterinarian if they are partners with Waggle. Waggle veterinary partners may be able to access the organization’s crowd funding platform.
    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery for your dog.