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  • 1.  Connected Pets

    Posted 08-20-2019 05:49 PM
    Hello, I am Sarah, creator of a necklace (and harness) for our very special animals: the Papatt'O'Master It is connectedintelligentinteractive and extremely safe to enjoy serenely our pets. For the tranquility of the masters and for the comfort of the animal, this marvel of technology will delight you I'm sure! Discover all its features and for those who wish to participate or relay the Papatt'O'Master campaign, there is a challenge associated with the project to thank all the contributors and donors! Do you have an animal? Do you believe in Papatt'O'Master? I need you to support this project of heart! Thank's everyone. Feel free to share you will make happy   😀😁😁   For Papatt'O'Challenge it's here: