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  • 1.  “Share a Story” Challenge

    Posted 12-05-2018 12:21 AM

    In response to @Sheila.darpino' s post. I will share about a long stay pet that I helped get adopted. 

    Droopy was a large cropped ear bully breed dog that came to the shelter when he was only about 1.5 years old. He had some knee problems and required surgery and rehab/recovery time. He was also very "puppyish," and needed some basic training.

    He was also not gifted in the IQ department, but made up for it in the most loving heart and he would always be by your side to give love and comfort. He knew when people needed a loving presence, and he never disappointed.  

    Because of his size, his looks, his breed, and his orthopedic issues, this sweet pup waited 9 looong months to get a home! 

    A coworker and I did tag team fostering for him so he would not have to spend this time in a shelter. 

    He was able to recover and be trained in the loving comfort of a foster home, and he ended up finding the best home! 

    He was adopted by amazing person and became a service dog. 

    Here are some pictures of the big love bug 



  • 2.  RE: “Share a Story” Challenge

    Posted 12-07-2018 11:54 AM

    Thanks for sharing!! He's so cute!!!