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  • 1.  Need help for my puppy with broken leg

    Posted 04-03-2020 03:04 PM

    Hello my name is Anabelva Cohen I'm a mother of 3 kids and last night my puppy jumped down from my bed. Today I took her to the vet. I couldn't afford to do so ,but I'm a very responsible pet mother and still did so. My bill was more than what I was thinking of. My puppy has 2 broken bones from her front leg. The vet ( Inwood Animal Clinic) Dr. Jennifer Tsung told me that she needs surgery, because of the 2 bones that are broken. I  need your help. Me and my kids are very sad just thinking of loosing her. She is another member of our family

     Please I don't want to loose my baby. I'm not working . Hope to hear from you soon. 

  • 2.  RE: Need help for my puppy with broken leg

    Posted 04-06-2020 09:27 AM

    Sorry to hear about your puppy! Here are a few resources you can try to help lessen the load of the vet bill or find a payment plan that is more manageable. I personally use Care Credit for my pets when there have been large vet bills due to specific incidents.

    • Scratchpay ( is an app that provides a payment plan option. Since it is not a credit card, it should not affect your credit score.
    • The AVMA Vet Care Charitable Fund: - provides financial assistance through veterinarians that apply on your behalf and are licensed AVMA members.
    • Care Credit: – offers people a credit card option to be used for medical treatment.
    • Waggle Foundation: - Ask your veterinarian if they are partners with Waggle. Waggle veterinary partners may be able to access the organization’s crowd funding platform.
    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery for your dog.