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  • 1.  Meet Founding Member Dr. Mike Greenberg

    Posted 05-24-2019 07:12 AM

    Happy Friday! Get to know more about Mike and his history in animal welfare in this unique founding member interview - timeline style!

    Dr. @Mike Greenberg
    Director of Outreach Programs at Maddie's Fund
    Nashville, TN

    • 1980 -- Birth. Uneventful

    • 1980-87 -- Reach various critical milestones (speech, removal of training wheels, etc.)

    • 1988 -- FINALLY, get first dog (extensive lobbying of parents required). “Gizmo” lives for 12 incredible years. Pees on the same spot on the floor in the living room every day of his life, sleeps on top of the dining room table. We all think these things are impressive “tricks.”

    • 1990 -- Move to an old farmhouse. Landlord, “Lloyd,” has a near-permanent scowl. He also has 20 head of Scotch Highland Cattle. He only smiles when he’s hanging out with his bull, “Duncan” and his little dog, “Henry.” I like Lloyd.

    • 1994 -- First real job. Painting fences, cleaning cages at local horse farm & raptor rehab. “Jim,” my boss, is a master falconer. Seeing a Peregrine falcon nuzzle a grown man is powerful. Flying a pack of Harris Hawks is incredible, mildly terrifying.

    • 1999 -- Move to NYC. Go to school for music. Third best musical accomplishment during my “career” -- singing a delightful rendition of “Old MacDonald” for a “Pampers - Animal Designs” commercial. Perhaps this was a sign...

    • 2001 -- Work for “Robert,” an animal rescuer operating out of a t-shirt shop on East 4th. He says “We make too much money, so we gotta do something good.” Pitbulls and kittens, sure. But we are the Bronx zoo’s “large reptile” foster weigh-station. In the summer, we bring the sulcata tortoises out for sunshine. The whole block seems to slow down and smile; no small thing in the East Village.

    • 2002 -- Become obsessed with physics and engineering, shift focus in school. Obtain FIRST CAT --”Mr. Burns” has two favorite things: bottle caps and creeping people out. I love him for it.

    • 2003 -- Our second dog, Nova tears a cruciate ligament. I go home to hang out with her. She falls. She can’t get back up. I cry. A lot. Because I can’t help her. Aha moment: I’m going to go to vet school! My mom says, “Finally, you figured it out…”

    • 2005 -- Vet school is awesome. Seriously, I’d go back again today if they’d let me.

    • 2007 -- First RAVS (Rural Area Vet Services) trip. Surgery is alright. But I really like talking to a six-year-old “Sam.” His little dog, “Goldie” has a heart condition. She doesn’t get spayed. That’s just fine. Sam is very happy.

    • 2009 -- First job out of vet school. The town where I work has a hitching post at the grocery store. John Martin is my favorite client. His favorite cow is the one he calls “Oreos.” She doesn’t make milk anymore. They take care of each other.

    • 2010 -2014 -- Shelter medicine training, shelters, spay-neuter, other shelters. Lots of stories, laughs and cries.

    • 2014 -- Sick of being cold all the time (Upstate NY, Wisconsin). Move to Nashville, TN and help start a low-cost clinic. Every day, our clients get up early, take some time off work, bring their best friends to our double-wide clinic, and trust us.

    • 2014 - 2018 -- More SN, more shelters, and a feral cat who somehow now sleeps on my pillow; her name is “Linda.” My spirit animal, “Frank” gives Linda a very wide berth.

    • Today -- I have pretty much the best job in the world. Visiting shelters and clinics around the country who all put love in action every day. I learn a ton. I share what I can, and connect people to each other.

    It’s been an incredible ride so far, and I’m continually awed by all of the ways in which animals really do make us human.

    Mike, we appreciate you taking the time to reflect back on the series of events that led you to where you are today. Thank you for all of your time, hard work, love and dedication to helping animals and the people who serve them.

    Be sure to follow @Mike Greenberg on Maddie's Pet Forum and leave any questions or comments for him below!


  • 2.  RE: Meet Founding Member Dr. Mike Greenberg

    Posted 05-29-2019 02:51 PM

    Note to self... stop yelling at dog to get off dining room table. Apparently, this is a rare and wonderous talent. LOL

    Great story, Mike! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring the rest of us!