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  • 1.  Rescue Transfers

    Posted 12-30-2019 09:45 AM

    Happy holidays everyone! Our organization has been heavily impacted by the CAMP FIRE. Our adoptions are lower than ever but the animals keep coming in. We typically have really good adoption/foster rates so for the past 3 years we have been able to help a local shelter and take in just about every dog that comes off stray hold.  We simply cannot keep up anymore. If there are any rescues interested in small or large dogs please message me. We could arrange for transport. We are in Northern CA


  • 2.  RE: Rescue Transfers

    Posted 12-30-2019 10:14 AM

    Spoke Animal in Spokane , WA will take animals, so will Seattle Humane 


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    Posted 12-30-2019 08:43 PM

    A year and a half ago I had a three hour job interview with an animal shelter.  I was so sure I had the job that I went home and made plans.  Lots of plans to help this organization, and the animals in their care.

    I never did get the job.  So for what it's worth here are a couple non-profit organizations that were part of my plans to help get some of the shelter dogs adopted.

    The one closest to you is in California, and is The National Disaster Dog Foundation.  I don’t know how far they are from you.  They adopt rescue dogs and teach them to become search and rescue dogs.  Here is a link to their site.

    The other non-profit organization is Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs.  Their headquarters is located in Williston, Florida.  However they serve people in many other states and are growing. I’m not sure if they have offices in California or not but it can't hurt to contact them. 

    They teach German Shepherds to become Medical Service Dogs.  The work that they do is astounding, and life changing for the people they help.  Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs get many  of their dogs from animal shelters.  Some of their dogs who went on to become Medical Service Dogs were just hours away from being euthanized.  Here is a link to their website

    I wish you the best with this.



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    Posted 01-06-2020 08:04 AM

    I had another thought that I should have mentioned in my first comment.  Maybe your local police department and/or sheriffs department uses rescue dogs for their K9 partners?  Some do, some don't.  It wouldn't hurt to contact them.


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    Posted 01-07-2020 10:06 AM

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    Posted 01-07-2020 09:06 PM

    I just discovered an organization in Maine called AWS Animal Welfare Society.  They may be able to help through their Paws Across America program.  Here is a link to their site, I hope it helps.