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Save-A-Pet Illinois Transport or Transfer from San Mateo, California

  • 1.  Save-A-Pet Illinois Transport or Transfer from San Mateo, California

    Posted 04-07-2019 10:08 AM


    My name is Sally Hubbard and I am a manager at Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL.  We have one of our adopted dogs (photos below) that was relinquished by the adopter to Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, California after he had been with the adopters for 6.5 years! The manager is extending his hold for us to April 13th (this Saturday) to transfer him out otherwise he may be euthanized if he fails his temperament testing (which is a possibility since he was stressed when at our shelter previously). I am looking to get him transferred to a no-kill facility or foster-based rescue out there OR somehow find transport across the country back to Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL for a dog that I have NO IDEA how he is behaviorally or medically these days at 12.5 years of age. We have reached out to the adopters to get more info but have not heard back yet. I am trying to find a way to do this without going on social media and causing any stir of controversy.  If anyone has any ideas or contacts they could share, it would be GREATLY appreciated.  He was always a really great dog with the staff and volunteers that walked him here and due to his breed and kennel presence took a long time to adopt out.  We really thought the last adopters were his forever-after but the only reason for relinquish I have right now is that they could no longer care for him.  Thank you!