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Breeder permits (for dogs)

  • 1.  Breeder permits (for dogs)

    Posted 11-28-2017 08:57 AM

    Hello everyone!
    I am currently working on a model by-law (and policy paper to accompany the model by-law) for the city of Montreal, Quebec. In our model by-law we have recommended a breeder permit system (whereby anyone who wishes to breed a dog must purchase a $250 permit and may only purchase the permit with proof that the dog has been evaluated by a veterinarian and deemed suitable for breeding. I am looking for any statistical information from cities or counties that have adopted local ordinances that include a breeder permit system - and specifically whether after implementing the breeder permit system is there is evidence of a reduction on euthanasia or intake rates. So far, while I have found many cities with breeder permit systems in their local ordinances, I have been unable to find any articles or raw data to make my case. Any information you may have would be much appreciated. Thank you!! Alanna from Montreal, Canada