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  • 1.  Park Guides

    Posted 05-19-2019 10:13 AM

    I am thinking about creating a guide for our volunteers and fosters of different parks in our region. The goal would not only to increase their awareness of local parks that are dog friendly, but also highlight things about the park so others know which parks are ideal for quirky dogs. I personally foster a dog that needs a wide trail that we can have space from people passing bc he has stranger anxiety), and I get nervous going to a new park not knowing what to expect.


    I would like to create a template form for others to fill out when they go to different parks. Does anyone have something like this that I might be able to use? Or suggestions on how I can make the template somewhat subjective for rating the parks for different dog quirks, such as leash reactivity?  I am just worried that if I ask “would this park be good for our behavioral dogs to attend”, everyone would interpret that a different way.