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Separation Anxiety within house

  • 1.  Separation Anxiety within house

    Posted 02-03-2019 10:43 AM

    So my senior foster, recently turned adoptee, starting demonstrating separation anxiety when I am still inside the house but in another room. Within the last week, if I am out of his sight, or in another room, he starts barking. He occasionally would let out a bark previously when I went upstairs but I think he couldn’t figure where I went when I was upstairs (he’d actually look for me on the first floor bedroom) and with his arthritis and luxating patella, I won’t let him risk coming upstairs.

    But recently, when I was getting ready to take a shower, he started barking in the living room. I though he needed to relieve himself so I let him out in the yard. Satisfied that he had his potty break, I headed for the shower again. And he started barking and continued to bark (with a few pauses) while I was taking the shower. He never does this when he’s in his dog bed in my bedroom, directly across the bedroom.

    So I wonder, why did he start now and how do I prevent the barking?