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  • 1.  Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 07-11-2019 12:54 PM

    What non-animal welfare organizations in your community do you partner with and for what purpose?

    For example - do you hold adoption events at local car dealerships? Do you get volunteers from a local business that gives their employees a day off to volunteer?

    Share your partnerships or partnership ideas below!


  • 2.  RE: Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 07-12-2019 10:49 AM

    One of our partners is a local TV news station. Every year, we run a telethon on their network to raise money. We also partner with a pet food company who provides some free food for shelter animals as well as food that we can sell in our pet supply store. Additionally, we partner with a number of companies who provide free food and beverage for our events as well as a number of companies who provide auction items.


  • 3.  RE: Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 07-15-2019 01:06 PM

    A sampling from our service area:

    - several local insurance agents will donate $5-$10 per quote to local animal welfare partners (State Farm & Allstate)

    - quite a few chains will do % of sales for certain days or times when customers mention or bring in a flyer from the selected organization (Burger 21, California Pizza Kitchen, 5 Below, other independents)

    - retail stores that specialize in running provide in-kind donations, pre-race packet pick up and event advertising for 5K fundraisers

    - a local tv reporter has a social media account for all animal related stories - positive and negative - including lost pets, events, human interest, rehoming, contests, etc (k9kait on facebook...metro ATL)

    - an independent board/train facility donates time & space for dogs at-risk due to length of shelter stay or behavior issues

    - community associations allow us to participate in their events such as festivals, parades

    - SEPT 28 & 29... Coldwell Banker Real Estate is partnering with for Homes for Dogs National Adoption Weekend. We haven't done this one yet but contact your local agent!



  • 4.  RE: Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 07-17-2019 11:48 AM

    Saw a new one yesterday...

    An independent grocery store is selling reusable shopping bags and $1 from each sale goes to the rescue (charity selection rotates with other community organizations).


  • 5.  RE: Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 07-24-2019 11:17 AM

    We partner with a lot of human service agencies and other organizations that can expand our reach into underserved communities and increase our efficacy.

    - We partner with multiple organizations serving people who are experiencing homelessness. We go to these organizations weekly to connect with pet owners. We supply leashes, collars, dog booties (which are essential here in Arizona), and food. We're even able to do a monthly vaccine clinic at one of the locations

    - The county Department of Health, housing agencies, and departments focused on increasing employment opportunities. We serve as a resource for people who go to these other departments. They refer their clients to us when they need assistance with their pets. We also collaborate when our Animal Protection department comes across a citizen who needs assistance for themselves. We've also invited other departments to attend our community events so that they can reach out to the pet owners; at one Community Vaccine and Microchip event, the health department came and gave free Hepatitis A vaccines to pet owners while they were waiting for their pets to get shots.

    - We've been working with the local university's School of Public Health. They have incorporated working with PACC into their One Health course; as a requirement of the class, students must complete a project for PACC. Some students looked at our medical assistance program to analyze the impact it's making while others evaluated the spread of disease within the shelter. We have interns from their program diving deeper into some of these topics and they are able to connect us with other community organizations we can collaborate with


  • 6.  RE: Question of the Week #50 - Community Partners

    Posted 10-10-2019 06:12 PM


    That is so amazing you are doing this! At the humane society I work at (Roice-Hurst Humane Society) we also collbororate with human service agencies to provide resources to promote the bonds between pets and their people. We recently started a short-term boarding program so people facing crisis situations can keep their pets while they are getting back on their feet. We also have a program where we connect shelter pets in structured activity groups with at-risk populations (such as incarcerated youth) to develop empathy.