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Sharing a spay & neuter film I created for

  • 1.  Sharing a spay & neuter film I created for

    Posted 05-16-2019 09:53 AM

    Hi Friends, I recently produced a film for the amazing team at SNIP Bus-Spay Neuter Imperative Project. SNIP has expanded into California's Central Valley with a fully-equipped spay & neuter surgical trailer to provide a solution to the area's overflowing shelters. The euthanization rates in the Central Valley are some of the worst in the entire country - and low-cost, mobile spay & neuter is the only answer! Please give today at to support our mission. These animals deserve better. Please share and lets support SNIP in their efforts to help the over-population problem in the Central Valley of California.

    Video was produced, shot and edited by Michael Matassa

    Special thank you to SNIP's founder Melanie Scherer for all the good she is doing to help save animals lives.

    Special thank you to Annette Patton who had the foresight to team up with SNIP to save more animals lives.