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  • 1.  Rescue tripod a Bengal?

    Posted 12-31-2019 03:28 AM

    Hi guys! I'm writing in from Delhi in India, where I currently live with a sibling pair of rescue cats, and a rescue dog. I recently helped rescue an approx. 2 year old cat from the street (Simba) whose hind leg had to be partially amputated due to infection, and I have been fostering him for the last two months. After much treatment, vaccines and all that, he's finally kind of getting ready to be put up for adoption. As you can see from the pictures, he's a big boy and gorgeous although still scraggly and thin. I assume he is a mixed breed cat, but he is very unusual looking in the local Indian context, and I was wondering if any of you could help identify what kind of mix he might be. While anyone nice enough to take in an adult male tripod cat won't care about breed, it does help sometimes to get a bit more attention from adopters. Thanks so much! 


  • 2.  RE: Rescue tripod a Bengal?

    Posted 12-31-2019 06:14 AM

    At Thundering Paws, we NEVER identify a "breed." A cat is a cat. If we get a cat in with "papers," my solution is to burn the papers.


  • 3.  RE: Rescue tripod a Bengal?

    Posted 01-01-2020 07:41 AM

    I think that's a great response! I've never had or even been around a breed cat I think, all I've ever seen is tabbies of every shape and size, and street cats here... lots of them! 


  • 4.  RE: Rescue tripod a Bengal?

    Posted 12-31-2019 06:25 AM

    First of all thank you for your rescue of this poor kitty and the great care you have given him.  He looks like an Ocicat mix to me.     


  • 5.  RE: Rescue tripod a Bengal?

    Posted 01-01-2020 07:45 AM

    Thanks so much!! I had no idea what an Ocicat is, looked it up.... wow, that's a crazy similarity! I wonder how he ended up with a suburban family here.