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Audio-psychic Communication

  • 1.  Audio-psychic Communication

    Posted 06-08-2020 05:01 PM

    Hello Everyone, my name is Brian Jones, and I would like to offer something quite unique here that might be of interest to people who deeply care about helping animals.. I don't claim to know how this works, and of course, there is a long story behind my personal experiences and sensitivities, but I will keep this directly to the point.

    I am able to access information from the minds of animals by facilitating the reception of and interpretation of telepathic information through unique processing of the audio recordings I produce, capturing these vocal energies and vibrations of all species of animals. This is not a strictly professional service I am suggesting, just wanting to offer my gifts to help animals and people who care about them to the point of volunteering my services to advance the understanding.

    If anyone has anything they'd like to tell or ask me, please feel free to contact me through FB messenger, or email me at

    I would like to link two short audio presentations of dogs here that some people may find fascinating, profound, and quite important toward understanding what is on the animal's heart and mind.