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PUPPY FOSTERS: How do you contain your foster puppies?

  • 1.  PUPPY FOSTERS: How do you contain your foster puppies?

    Posted 02-27-2020 09:07 AM

    PUPPY FOSTERS: How do your contain your foster puppies?

    1) What does your setup look like?
    2) Pros and cons?
    3) Would your group gain more puppy fosters with better enclosures?

    The problems I've had with containing puppies are:

    1) Protecting my floor from pee, poo, water, nails and teeth
    2) Keeping pen in place when puppies push on it
    3) Having enough space for both mom and puppies while keeping EVERYONE contained
    4) Making all surfaces bleachable to kill stuff like Parvo

    I ask because I am designing a durable, self-contained, waterproof, sanitizable, modular puppy pen with interchangeable parts that can be assembled into a variety of sizes and configurations:

    1) Available in any size in 2' increments from 4'x4' to 10'x10'
    2) Whelping box w/ bumper rails
    3) Whelping box /w bumper rails and attached Mama Suite
    4) Weaning pen w/ attached Mama Suite or Mama Loft
    5) Wire pen in both 24" for puppies and small mamas and 48" for big mamas.

    I can't remember where I buried this image. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    We are in the final stages of design and testing but hope to offer these products this spring. If you have thoughts, requests, ideas or have pictures of your current puppy setup please comment below. Thank you! Your feedback will help us create the most cost effective, practical and useful solutions to fostering challenges.

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