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    Maddie's Fund Staff
    Posted 12-04-2018 04:38 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I know that life can be stressful this time of year, as well as busy and exciting and everything-all-at-once, right?? I'd love for some of you to share (as a post, instead of replying to this) a story about a special long-stay pet that you found a home for....

    I'll start. Finn is an adorable terrier mix, who was about seven years old and 22# when he was in our foster based adoption program. Here's a picture of him in a photo i took during the holidays. (i'm not a photographer, as you can tell!)

    Adorable, right? Finn's challenge was that when he was stressed, he would bite his tail, HARD. He'd bleed profusely and this would happen if he was stressed about other dogs, or people who he loved leaving him, or sometimes it seemed to happen randomly. We did a bunch of tests to find out if there was something wrong with his tail, but all the tests came back showing that he was healthy. And no one was ready to take on a dog with these issues.

    Finn was super attached to me (i was his foster mom) and i couldn't even leave him for even a few seconds, without him going after his tail. We used an e-collar to help manage the situation. Unfortunately one of my other dogs didn't get along with him (Finn was pushy with other dogs), and after a scary incident it was an emergency to find placement for Finn. Lucky for us, we finally found a wonderful woman who didn't have other dogs and was willing to take Finn for the weekend. And guess what, Finn did amazingly in her apartment and didn't chase/attack his tail at all!

    This experience gave us a lot more confidence and about a month later, we found a man who liked Finn and wanted to give things a try. Charlie started fostering Finn and fell in love. He adopted him about a month later. Three years later, they're still going strong... no more tail problems and Charlie and Finn are doing great!