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Cleaning after fostering mom and kittens with Coccidia

  • 1.  Cleaning after fostering mom and kittens with Coccidia

    Posted 05-28-2019 05:22 AM

    I fostered a mom and her 3 kittens for 7 weeks. The kittens were 2 weeks old upon arrival.  They all (including mom) had varying types of diarrhea over the 7 weeks and had been treated for Coccidia and giardia without a real diagnosis until 2 days before I had to return them to the shelter because I had to be out of state and wasn't allowed to take them with me.  They started on Marquis Paste again then, and I understand from the adopter of one of them that he hasn't been cleared yet for adoption.  This is over 2 weeks later.  That aside, I will not be taking any fosters until August, about 3 months time. I have been reading about disinfection and have seen that ammonia is the only thing that kills Coccidia in the environment. I have cleaned the carpet in the room with a "high heat" shampooer with Rescue in place of the shampoo.  (I don't want to use ammonia in the steamer.)  I plan to do it again in 2 weeks. I am thinking that I want to replace the carpet with vinyl planks to make cleaning easier. Although the kittens and mom had diarrhea (not every stool) they did not actually poop on the carpet, but walked and played on it of course after using the litter box.  I had some foam squares under their pan area while they were younger and before they were reliable litter box users, and have thrown those out.  I've also thrown out many toys that I can't clean well, and the beloved hammock that they were in all the time.  Does anyone have thoughts on what I should do to be as sure as I can that future kittens will be safe? I've cleaned the litter boxes with bleach.  Should I just throw them out? Any help and thoughts are appreciated