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gerbil help, lonely gerbils

  • 1.  gerbil help, lonely gerbils

    Posted 09-04-2020 11:56 AM

    hey, im a 14 yr old gerbil owner with 2 gerbils aged around 4 months and around 1.5 yrs old. i received the older gerbil from a friend (D) because D's friend died and she was depressed. the owner didnt want her anymore. after having D for a while, i decided to get a friend. multiple websites said that a younger female would work best so i got Z (younger gerbil.) when i tried introducing them after about 7 days of the split cage method, i let them together and after about 4 minutes they started biting and fighting :( i immediently separated them after that and now they each have their own cage. i give them toys and things to chew on but i can tell they are lonely and i am scared to reintroduce them. what do i do??