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What are the things that is bad for your cat health?

  • 1.  What are the things that is bad for your cat health?

    Posted 06-13-2020 03:36 PM

    7 Things cat hate most

    If you're a cat lover then you know the cats are over-sensitive creatures but not exactly in the way you may think. Sometimes their behavior is just misunderstood, in this article we'll discuss the top 7 things cats hate that you should avoid.

    Low Temperatures

    Cats like temperatures of 20 degrees higher than human’s ideal temperature. In fact, a cat's coat isn't made to protect them from low temperatures.  On the contrary, their coat protects their delicate skin from extreme heat. If your cat stays at a cold temperature for a long time, it may get infected with various types of cat diseases.

    Stale Food

    You may think that dry or wet food lasts for several days but it doesn't. Cats will eat fresh food that is newly opened, but they won't touch it after that.  Cats need to eat daily but not in the same way that dogs do.  If your cat is picking up their food they are telling you that they don't like it.  Because it may be stale or they don't like the flavor.  

    High-Pitched Sounds

    While cats hear low-pitched noises about just as well as we do. They can pick up high-pitched sounds much better than humans. Their range goes even beyond that of dogs. High-pitched noises cats come in ways you would not expect— ambulance sirens, loud music, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners or even your phone's ringtone are some of the high-pitched sounds that cats hate. This is another reason that we should never shout at our kitties, as this only causes stress and anxiety.


    You probably have watched videos of cats getting scared of cucumbers. But what actually happens is that your cat isn't afraid of the cucumber itself but it is the fact that the cucumber appeared next to them without them noticing it. Cats tend to be scared of the unknown as it could represent a danger or predator. And in the case of a cucumber a snake although some may find it funny surprises cause anxiety and fear in your cat.  It's best to look for other ways to have fun with your pet.


     While you may think cats need a bath, they don't. Unlike dogs, cats bathe themselves and think of the Great Sphinx of Giza many modern domestic cat breeds come from arid countries around the Middle East or Asia. No one really knows but the theory is that the lack of water in their breeding makes them intolerant of getting wet.  However, here is another piece of advice a cat likes to have fresh water to drink at their own leisure. This means that you have to put fresh water for your feline every day in a clean dish if they don't drink enough water your cat can get a urinary tract infection.

    Dirty Litter Box

    Cats are extremely clean animals and they devote a large portion of their day for self-grooming.  They hate a dirty litter box, grimy toys or an unclean water bowl. Cleaning your cat's litter box every day will make for a happy cat that loves to use the bathroom in the right place.

    Certain Smells

     One of the smells that cats can't tolerate is gasoline. This is why if you take your cat to the vet make sure the tank is filled beforehand.  Cats also can't tolerate the smell of onion or vinegar but there are more menthol wintergreen and mint are also scents that cats can't handle.  But before we give you a break there are more cents a cat will hide away from— that's lavender, citrus, rosemary, and cinnamon.

    Wrapping Up

    As a cat owner, you must take care of your cat in the best possible way. You can follow different types of cat blogs, who provide different types of tips and guidelines for healthy cat life.