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  • 1.  Upcoming Conferences

    Posted 02-08-2019 12:42 PM

    Are there any conferences/workshops/seminars in the Southeast (Georgia) area coming up that you have found to be helpful for Shelter Employees?


  • 2.  RE: Upcoming Conferences

    Posted 02-08-2019 02:18 PM

    Yes...the University of Georgia does a Shelter Medicine Seminar annually. This year it's on Sunday, Feb 17. It's an all day event but lunch is provided, CEU credits available, content is different every year and Purina sponsors so usually a little bit of swag, too. :-) I think pre-registration is still open...check their website or facebook page. Past topics have included cleaning practices, illness discussion on biological level from actual UGA professors, visiting shelter directors sharing their learnings, updates on animal laws, a professional trainer discussing how to understand & modify behavior in shelters, etc. 

    Also, PetfinderPro does a series of 'Adoption Options' seminars around the country. This year's schedule hasn't been posted yet. Came to north Atlanta last year. You can sign up for announcements...last year it was late spring for the Atlanta day. Also has varied content, lunch & swag (Kuranda beds!!) and great networking opportunities with other local groups. This one open to all to attend but the invitation grants associated with it require accounts (in good standing). 

    Several of the national groups make their way to Atlanta area every few years, too. 

    Personally, I would recommend field trips to some of the premier organizations. Most are very welcoming and have plenty to share...check with Atlanta Humane, Lifeline (DeKalb & Fulton counties), Best Friends - Atlanta. Atlanta Humane does occasionally sponsor training intended for the shelter professional audience. Check their website for listings &/or sign up for emails to be notified. They usually offer same training at various locations around state. 

    I will be glad to forward anything else I hear of directly to you.

    My email is

    Good luck & thanks for understanding the value of continuing education! :-)


  • 3.  RE: Upcoming Conferences

    Posted 02-11-2019 11:12 AM

    Thanks SilvercometAWA! 

    I knew about the one at UGA this weekend, but can't make it unfortunately! I will definitely keep an eye out on those other websites though! Thank you again! 


  • 4.  RE: Upcoming Conferences

    Posted 02-11-2019 10:58 AM

    Forgot one...

    Animal Law Source does several events during the year at various locations around GA. Some are free, some require fees (but reasonable) and most qualify for CEU credits. Can go to their website to sign up for email notifications.