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What are the biggest challenges in your Foster Program?

  • 1.  What are the biggest challenges in your Foster Program?

    Posted 02-14-2020 07:07 AM

    What are the hardest aspects to running your foster program? Is it recruiting or retaining fosters? Training and educating? Getting fosters to follow protocols? Finding time and funding to start or expand your program? Are there marketing materials you need but don't have time to develop?

    We are asking 8 multiple choice questions to anyone who is or has been part of their shelter or rescue's foster program about what training, education and marketing materials they need. This feedback will help us develop our online foster training series and marketing materials so that shelters can attract more fosters who have the confidence to foster a larger variety of animals and the skills to socialize and train them, especially puppies and kittens, to help get them adopted and make them terrific pets. TAKE SURVEY

    Hopefully, this education will open up the option of fostering to more families. According to The Humane Society of the United States, as of 2014 there are about 3,500 brick and mortar shelters and 10,000 rescue groups and sanctuaries. With 1.5M adoptable pets being euthanized each year, that means that each rescue is putting down about 10 animals each month. If every shelter and rescue fostered just 10 more animals each month, no adoptable pets would have to be euthanized!