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  • 1.  Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-29-2019 08:09 AM

    Question regarding ending shelter count on the Basic Matrix form.  It was my impression that the ending shelter count on the form should be the actual shelter inventory (and fosters, etc).   And, that count is used in the verification for accuracy formula.  I was recently told the ending shelter count is derived mathematically.  Here is what was told to me.  "That is an addition and subtraction based on the beginning, +/- live in, live out, and deceased/missing during the month, to calculate the ending."
    It seems to me if the ending count is not the actual count but is generated mathematically (and that is then carried over to the following month as starting count) it defeats the purpose of the verification formula.
    Is that the what the ending shelter count is - just a mathematically generated number?


  • 2.  RE: Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-29-2019 02:33 PM

    Hello! I have had this question in the past as well. It is my understanding that the ending count on SAC is suppose to match your actual inventory at that time based on everything you enter. It is a mathematical equation but the results you get should match your actual inventory.

    Start inventory + intake - outcome = end count

    When I first started paying attention this this I was only off by one or two numbers here and there (what SAC said we should have in inventory was off by one or two animals from what Petpoint says we should have) and was able to find where my errors were with some time. For me, we run a s/n clinic as well and rarely those intake numbers cross over into the shelter inventory, but in some cases they do, and it was what was throwing me off. I was calculating the outcome but not the intake because they originally came in through the s/n clinic but we kept for adoption (as an example.)  Also make sure your system software (we use Petpoint) is calculated for the end of the day (time.) At first my numbers were wrong because I was putting in the wrong time of day.  Sometimes finding out where I'm off is difficult and time consuming, and we run a smaller shelter, but the numbers should match your actuals.

    Hopefully this helps!



  • 3.  RE: Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-29-2019 03:28 PM

    Thank you, that was my understanding as well (that the actual count would help to flush out any anomalies).  I sent an email to Target Zero, but got no reply, yet.  So, I posted here to see if I could get an answer.


  • 4.  RE: Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-30-2019 06:30 AM

    This is my understanding as well. 


  • 5.  RE: Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-30-2019 07:25 AM

    Hi @LynnBLP! The answer from @KBurns103 is correct. The Basic Data Matrix manual ending count serves as a safety check/verification of your calculated ending count. You can also reach Shelter Animals Count directly at Thanks!


  • 6.  RE: Basic Matrix form

    Posted 04-30-2019 01:43 PM

    Thank you!