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  • 1.  Feeding new rescue dog

    Posted 11-16-2019 06:50 PM

    I've just adopted an 11 year old cocker spaniel x.  I've had him for a month. He's a lovely dog and came from a family that could no longer keep him. Sad. He has separation anxiety which is very understandable and he came with a half bag of kibble - a good quality one. I have another little dog that gets Cesar dog food. the new dog was not eating his kibble so I put a bit of the Cesar on his kibble. Well, that was a mistake, now he just wants the wet food and picks around his kibble. Can I change his diet to mostly wet food at this age? His stomach has been a bit upset, but he is still adjusting to his new home. Think I messed up because I was feeling sorry for him. Should I hold out and just put the kibble out for him - he's not eating it.


  • 2.  RE: Feeding new rescue dog

    Posted 11-19-2019 10:45 PM

    Check with your vet; I would imagine you could transition to Cesar's if you want to, and your cocker doesn't have any food sensitivities.  Go slow; wet food is richer than kibble, and could upset his tummy.  What happens when you mix it with his kibble?  Does he just lick it off?  You can also check back with the rescue/shelter you got him from.  Was he a picky eater there?


  • 3.  RE: Feeding new rescue dog

    Posted 11-20-2019 09:43 AM

    Whole Dog Journal just published their annual Wet Foods Ratings (btw Cesars is not on it)


  • 4.  RE: Feeding new rescue dog

    Posted 11-20-2019 07:40 PM

    Thank for your advice lin. Liddell (the new guy) actually came from a family that could not keep him anymore. Not a lot of information there other than that she gave him a bowl of kibble once a day. That's it - not even how much, just "a bowl" and that he would eat anything. Maybe that was because he only got kibble. Of course, I spoiled him right away with lots of treats. My bad. I guess this is what they mean by "killing with kindness". Today I gave him good quality kibble with a quarter can of good wet food, mixed it in well and he ate it up. Hopefully, if I'm consistent with this for a while, his digestive system will settle down.

    And thank you former member for letting me know about the Whole Dog Journal. I've subscribed.

    Liddell thanks you too, picture attached.


  • 5.  RE: Feeding new rescue dog

    Posted 11-24-2019 09:20 PM

    He's a cutie!  Best of luck with Liddell and the rest of your family.  Happy Thanksgiving!