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Foster Cat That Avoids People And Light - Vampire Cat :)

  • 1.  Foster Cat That Avoids People And Light - Vampire Cat :)

    Posted 03-24-2020 01:09 PM

    We are a week into fostering a 2yr old female cat who may have come from a hoarding situation with a very large number of cats - and we assume little to no human interaction. Her basic functions are fine - food and litter box. She has no interest in play and doesn't eat in our presence.

    We expected her to be very shy - and she is. She will tolerate scratching with a back scratcher and sometimes a hand, but only while in her carrier where she spends her time when she's not hiding in another private dark space. By the second night with us she was ready to leave her carrier and "Her Bathroom" and explore the apt at night when she thought she was alone. She now seems to explore every night and only seems to be afraid of us - 2 humans - and light - lights/daylight etc.

    I've tried to read things online about how to slowly encourage her to show interest in our existence and comfort with our space. The thing I'm not seeing others talk about/advice about is cats that are only comfortable in the dark. I wonder if she lived mostly in dark spaces? I've only lived with cats that like windows (Bird watching!) and sunshine naps (also humans).

    Any advice to help her adjust would be welcome - I understand each cat adjusts in its own time - and it can take months - but it seems it could be more challenging to try to bond with a cat that is only comfortable in dark places/overnight. (I have tried bringing her into a room during day or eve in her open carrier and covering with with a thick blanket on most sides for darkness - she left for a totally dark bathroom! :D ) Thanks!!!