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    Posted 08-12-2020 06:54 AM
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    Good morning everyone, I sure hope your day is better than my suffering kitty's day is 😔...

    I'm brand new to this forum and at a complete loss as what to do given my current situation at hand. Thankfully, I do know, and can DRASTICALLY relate to my poor kitty's emergency situation, as I suffered a very, very similar health emergency myself in 2006. However, human healthcare is held at significantly higher standards and at ava minimum, the requirement to minimally stabilize the patient regardless of financial or medical insurance coverage status than that of our beloved fur babies, unfortunately. So here's my situation and my cat's dilemma, which is considered an emergency for both human and feline...

    As I mentioned, in 2006 I encountered a very similar situation, although my inability to void, aka pee, was not caused by a urethral blockage like my beloved Luna's, aka my kitty, is. Mine was caused by transverse myelitis which I came down with a week after giving birth to my 13yo beautiful daughter; later after years of torturous pain, ridicule and cruel criticism of the judgemental unkind human-folk, and serious medical complications my urologist finally decided to refer me to a more specialized urology surgeon where I underwent a complete and radical urinary diversion with continent urinary reservoir and illeal conduit, aka the "Indiana Pouch". Luna is showing all the first signs of an urinary blockage now, minus the lethargy, or loss of appetite. She's just dribbling out a drop or two of pee at a time with visibly present, but diluted, blood within the dribbles. Accompanied by squatting absolutely everywhere every few minutes, (which is how I am able to even know what her urine output and the blood content is, and considering I know how terribly painful it is to not be capable of peeing, I am not redirecting her peeing outside of the litter box behavior rather I'm cleaning up the drop of two), a lot of pacing but she still wants to play and is affectionate with me, still maintaining her appetite as well. However, I can't just go run her into an emergency vet atm due to the crisis I've been faced with the last month. I'm in a critical living situation crisis currently due to my now ex boyfriend having become physically violent with me again, but in the presence of my two daughters and two of my oldest daughter's friends, which is what gave me the courage and strength to leave him; the fact that innocent children were in the presence of his hitting and saying very nasty things to me didn't stop his behavior was the final straw for me. But the fact that I am still receiving SSDI and a college student, without having anything saved up for a new place and other necessities, we were left with no other options but to stay with my girl's father in a spare room briefly to prevent homelessness. As we all know, vet care is very costly, esp when it's most likely going to require medical intervention and/or staying at the vet. So I truly do not know what to do in this case. I've tried our local University, Purdue University, but apparently they do not offer assistance for situations like these. I saw that there are grants, but I honestly don't know how that works either. I've called a few of the local vets around here, which were either not open or they do not offer anything outside of low-income spay and neuter. This is a TRUE MEDICAL EMERGENCY, for any living critter, and I don't know what to do but I do know time is of the essence for her survival. I cannot even begin to express my sheer concern, worries, and drastically can relate to the pain and suffering she is currently experiencing. I know that if she doesn't get help soon, the chances of survivability will drastically decrease, and the thought of losing her, esp with all that has recently happened, has left me in utter shambles and anguish. She was a rescued kitten from a residence of complete filth and some form of violence towards her, as she is extremely timid and only allows myself and my youngest daughter (on rare occasions only for her) to even touch her. Needless to mention that any raised voices or loud sudden noises scare her into hiding. She was a product of incest, Mommy and Daddy cat are brother and sister apparently, but she is SOOOO beautiful and cute. I was raised around rescuing or adopting dogs from the Humane Society all my life, and during all those years we owned a total of 7 dogs between my Mom and Dad's houses in around 25 years of my life, two of those dogs had gotten especially attached to me and had been around me during some of the worst medical experiences of my life. They must have sensed it, as it made our bond substantially stronger. However, one of them had to be euthanized at 3yo after experiencing 13 grand Mal seizures on the night of my 16th B-day, RIP Mick; and the other was 11yo at age of an emergency euthanasia for bone cancer that was never detected until it shattered his front shoulder, but was of full life span for a saint bernard, RIP Barkley. Those devastated me for years, which kept me from owning any pets for several years bc of my fearing the pain and anguish of another fur baby's loss. So if that puts it into perspective of just how IMMENSELY concerned I am with getting Luna care before something unspeakable is of no other option... I am absolutely desperate for ANY direction of resources or what to do as soon as both humanly "fur-babily" possible. We reside in Lafayette, IN if that is of any aid. I'm going to try to call the places that weren't open now, and anxiously await any of your kind, helpful responses, and continue to pray for her.

    Sorry for the length, I hope you understand. Have a safe and happy day. Thank you in advance... 

    Thank you,

    Ashley 😥 and Luna 🐾



    Posted 08-12-2020 11:38 AM

    Hi Ashley, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.

    I've heard of an organization that helps victims of domestic violence, and their pets by getting them to safety (including their pets), but I can't remember the name of the organization.  So I googled it.  I found Mercy House, but I couldn't get into their website.

    I also found a place called Safe Haven for Pets.  I know nothing about them at all.  They are in Alaska.  I don't know if they have other locations or connections with other places to help you in other parts of the US.  Here is their website link:

    Another option is to reach out to churches in your area.  They may be more familiar with organizations that can help you, your daughters and your cat get to a safe place.

    Here is a link to organizations that help people pay for medical expenses for their pets

    I will keep you, and yours in my prayers.  "Remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think ~ Winnie The Pooh ~"






    Posted 08-14-2020 06:11 AM

    Hi Ashley,

    I'm not sure about the amounts provided, but you could try Red Rover as they have various types of assistance available. We also have a list of other medical resources on my organization's website:; maybe something there could be of help.