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What to feed your Bengal cat? Guide

  • 1.  What to feed your Bengal cat? Guide

    Posted 06-15-2020 08:33 AM

    The Bengal cat, like other cats, is a carnivore, which means that its diet must contain meat. Bengal cat digestive system is controlled and is able to extract all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and fats from meat. 

    As a Bengal cat owner, I think this diet recommendation may help you.

    Avoid foods rich in cereals.
    Most available cat diets contain many grains, such as barley, rice, corn, or wheat. These pills are designed to help increase the size of cat food at a low price. So the first recommendation to feed Bengal is to avoid foods that contain grains.

    They cannot digest large amounts of grains, and if you feed too many grains in Bengal this can lead to digestive problems.

    Be sure to buy grain-free cat food, which although a bit expensive compared to generic brands, will make Bengal happier.

    Raw meat
    Most Bengali cat owners feed their pets raw meat, although some veterinarians generally oppose this practice However, eating a diet of fresh meat can be beneficial for skin problems and stomach problems. 

    Though there are various types of Bengal cat such as snow Bengal cat, brown Bengal cat. But all bengal cat like to eat meat. You can feed your bengal only meat, no other food is recommended. Meat is enough to fulfill their needs.