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Question of the Week #44 - Owner Surrenders

  • 1.  Question of the Week #44 - Owner Surrenders

    Posted 05-16-2019 02:24 PM

    In last night’s Million Cat Challenge webcast, Dr. Sara Pizano shared that a recent ASPCA study found 80%+ pet owners did not want to surrender their pet but didn’t have access to resources they needed.
    By asking “How can we help you keep your pet or place your pet directly into another home?” we can find solutions that keep pets out of the shelter in the first place.

    Does your organization ask this question when owners surrender their pets? If so, what are some of the reasons given?

    You can watch the on-demand version of the webcast here to learn more about what steps each shelter, whether public or private and regardless of resources, can take to help and save more cats and dogs.

    Have a question for @Dr. Pizano? Ask them on this post in the webcasts group for her to answer!