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  • 1.  Darting out the door

    Posted 05-19-2020 05:59 PM

    My foster dog has twice darted out of our front door and takes off sprinting.  She’s so hard to catch and does not respond to our calls or clapping once out.  Any resources or advice on training a dog to not go out an open door or fence or how to catch her once she’s out? Thanks!


  • 2.  RE: Darting out the door

    Posted 05-20-2020 08:19 AM

    This video is one of my favorites for teaching a dog to wait at a doorway instead of bolting out: That might be a good place to start.

    How reliable is her "come" cue when she hasn't escaped? Starting to practice that frequently in less exciting situations, with a really tasty reward, might be helpful too. Keep practicing until it is almost automatic, and make sure she always gets something better than what she had in her practice sessions.