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Adopters: Do you know how to read your dog's communication signals?

  • 1.  Adopters: Do you know how to read your dog's communication signals?

    Posted 04-19-2020 12:43 PM

    Before you adopt, or when you adopt, consider honing your doggy communication savvy, as doing is an early step to helping you prevent future behavior concerns. Here's a recorded webinar created especially for dog owners and others trying to understand their dogs.  Dog rescues, foster caregivers, and anyone else living with or working around dogs may be well-served by this overview of the myriad ways that dogs communicate with us and with each other.  (Note: Webinar is designed for laypeople, not dog trainers.)

    Surveying the physical positions, expressions, and actions that dogs employ to communicate, the webinar contents are supported by photos, video, and audio explanations.  Registrants are encouraged to email us during or after the webinar with any follow up questions they might have.

    Special Offer: Only $25 while we continue to refine our equipment! Fees support our continuing humane programs.

    Important Instruction: We will email you webinar-access instructions after you register, so please be sure to provide or send us your current email address immediately upon registering. Once we receive your email address, you'll receive access instructions within 24 hours.

    Questions?  Email us at Info at Protect Them All . org