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  • 1.  Finding Transfer Partner For Large Behavior Dogs

    Posted 09-03-2021 12:16 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    Oakland Animal Services seems to be having a trend of having large dogs with behavior issues that we are unable to work on their behavior. The groups that we normally work with are full and cannot accept any more dogs for months, How does other groups find more transfer partners? Does anyone have tips to share?

    Donell Randolph
    Human Animal Support Services Coordinator
    Friends of Oakland Animal Services

    Rehoming Specialist &
    Transfers and Transport Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Finding Transfer Partner For Large Behavior Dogs

    Posted 09-08-2021 09:02 AM
    Hi Donell-
    You're definitely not alone in this, many groups find it tricky to find receiving partners out of their region to take dogs in with behavior issues because of their similar local requests. As a result, some groups have taken the approach of ramping up local adoption efforts with 'unicorn' campaigns to seek out people that are looking for an only dog and homes that don't have kids, cats, etc if those are concerns. Also,  piloting new foster programs, partnering with local trainers if applicable, and using creative marketing to try to find local outlets can help as well. 

    When it comes to transport, it can help to try to send a variety of dogs, as it can be difficult for rescues to take all dogs that may need behavior support- so for every 1, 2 dogs that may need behavior support, sending a couple of dogs that most likely do not- can be a good pitch to a partner. (I haven't had much luck asking groups to take a full transport of dogs that need behavior support). Not trying to discourage you at all! Below are some resources that may help with general outreach but some other tips to try if you want to look at the transport route: 

    - Rescue Incentives (maybe this can come from pledges/donations) for rescues that may be able to pull some of your longer stay dogs or ones that need behavior support. 

    - Diversifying your rescue partnerships- build more rescue outlets with groups that may be lower volume but have a niche and a specialty - groups that like the shy/scaredies, or active, hiking dogs, or big blocky headed loves for example.  1-2 dogs here and there can add up and make a difference. 
    - Rescue partner recognition, if a group has come through and pulled one of your longer stay pets- recognizing them and thanking them publicly on social media (with their permission) can go a long way to keep the partnership going and may encourage other groups.
    - Ask rescues individually if they would be willing to plea to their foster base, even if it takes a couple weeks- individual reach out vs a mass email can be more meaningful and yield a better response. 

    Lastly, knowing that you most likely will continue to see dogs that have special behavior needs, can't say enough about building up your in house behavior support and marketing efforts, in addition to all the great HASS programming you're doing to keep them out of the shelter in the first place. So many behavior challenges are caused by the stressful shelter environment, so if you can prevent it on the front end- that's a huge win!  
    Hope that helps! 

    Rescue Outreach Resources: 

    Webinar: how to find and cultivate rescue partnerships
    - Reviews tips about rescue partnerships, finding new partnerships, and specifically focuses on transport partnerships
    - National volunteer network of transporters with a national map of rescue partners, organizations and volunteers have to register to join. 
    American Pets Alive Shelter Rescue & Support Page (search keyword "transport" to bring up relevant posts)
    - Closed FB page, large national network to connect with others. 
    - Recently on the AmPA support FB page, contacts were collected of organizations that were looking for partners to transport out & in (the transport in tab will be the most helpful) 

    - Another closed FB national network of shelter and rescues -- a great place to connect with other groups, crowdsource support, and you can search keyword "transport" to bring up relevant posts. 

    Clare Callison
    American Pets Alive

  • 3.  RE: Finding Transfer Partner For Large Behavior Dogs

    Posted 09-09-2021 08:39 PM
    This is amazing! Thanks @Clare Callison

    Thank you all for all you do!

    Amber Freiwald
    Maddie's Fund