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  • 1.  My finger and arm

    Posted 10-02-2020 08:57 AM

    My finger and arm have become a toy!!!

    On the second day I had Blessed before formally Fostering her. To get her a little more active I started the cardinal sin of waving my finger in her face.... for a couple of hours nothing happened.  Then! All of a sudden her paw moved!!! She started a little purr.. I found an old lanyard cut it in half and tried to get her to follow the string. (I forgot to mention Blessed right rear leg was injured). She followed the string a little while laying down. I would rib her head she would purr a good sign! I officially adopted on day 3 received some toys with cat-nip and OMG my finger and arm is the toy she prefers!!! Now the gentle training begins! Thanks to Stray Cat Alliance I have the training tools to save my finger and arm!!!


    Donna Broussard
    Stray Cat Alliance