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My cat stepped on my keyboard

  • 1.  My cat stepped on my keyboard

    Posted 10-04-2021 03:51 PM
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    I had this most amazing post all typed out and my cat walked across the keyboard, destroying my brilliance. If it posted somewhere, my apologies. Attached is a picture of a magazine cover. There are so many just like it. Naked dogs (and naked cats) - everywhere. American magazines, all of the big ones screwing it up,  I just don't get it. Oh wait, do we have major animal welfare organizations using stock photos with naked animals??? Maybe. We do it because we forget. We do it because, well, we just do. But, we have an opportunity to change that. We can try harder. We can make sure that our messaging aligns with what we want people to do! Imagine if every major magazine, shelter, corporation..yada yada...posted photos of animals with ID tags on them. What a difference we could make. So, go check your stuff. Are you sending the right message?

    Gina Knepp
    National Shelter Engagement Director
    Michelson Found Animals Foundation
    Los Angeles, California

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