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  • 1.  New to Org or Industry Glossary

    Posted 01-20-2022 01:55 PM
    Hello all! 

     I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever created, or currently has, a glossary of sorts for new team members who may be new to your org or simply new to the industry as a whole? Just looking for ideas/templates from those who may have already created one of these. What are common terms or phrases you find yourself repetitively defining for your teams that may be helpful to have written down? Would this have been helpful to you when you first started out? 

    Thanks in advance!!

    ambi dennis

  • 2.  RE: New to Org or Industry Glossary

    Posted 01-21-2022 02:41 PM

    Yes! We created a document like this at American Pets Alive! We call it "Animal Shelter Speak: Understanding Common Animal Services Jargon," you can find the resource, here!

    The idea is that new volunteers and staff are introduced to a large vocabulary of terms they don't understand. This can pose challenges for training personnel, ensuring consistent client services, and providing excellent care to sheltered pets. This guide is intended to be used as an onboarding document that can be shared with all people who are new to the organization. It can also be shared with existing staff and volunteers to give them a better understanding of the common terms they use and hear.

    Please let me know if you find this helpful, what might be confusing, and what else you think could be added. We also use this in an Jargon Activity for new staff training. We break up into small groups and ask them to try to define different terms on the list. Prizes are given to the group that gets the most right. 

    Thanks so much! 

    Rory Adams

  • 3.  RE: New to Org or Industry Glossary

    Posted 01-21-2022 06:46 PM
    Hi Rory!

     Oh my gosh, this is amazing!! I'm so glad I asked! This will be a great place for me to start. We'll be defining a lot of acronyms our teams are likely to hear/see as well. I LOVE the Jargon Activity and will definitely find a place to incorporate that into staff training. 

    Thank YOU so much!

    ambi dennis

  • 4.  RE: New to Org or Industry Glossary

    Posted 01-22-2022 11:21 AM
    Hi Rory,

    Is this jargon/vocabulary piece available as a PDF?


    April King
    Volunteer and Board Member
    Kotor Kitties