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  • 1.  Municipal shelter adopt from foster for cats input?

    Posted 08-04-2021 05:20 PM
    Hello- I am looking for input for folks from municipal shelters that have adopt-from-foster programs and place cats through it. I know privately funded facilities do it often, but because being attached to a municipality carries extra...caution... I wanted input from other municipal shelters.

    We have a cat in foster thriving in foster where she did poorly at the facility and we would like to make her available from the foster's home. But, we have some concerns about potential liability due to the fact that strangers will have to enter the foster's home. My questions are: how have ya'll mitigated that? Has it been an issue at all? Do you have any workarounds you've used? 

    Thanks for any input you may have.



    Paige Kim, CBCC-KA, CSB-C
    Irvine Animal Care Center

  • 2.  RE: Municipal shelter adopt from foster for cats input?

    Posted 08-05-2021 02:48 PM
    Hi Paige!
    I work at a private org with a government contract and all of the animals we place in foster are adopted from foster homes.
    Prior to COVID, we always told foster parents it was completely at their discretion if they wanted to invite someone to/into their home.  Honestly, it really wasn't an issue.
    But now almost all of our meet and greets are done virtually, makes it super easy for cat fosters to show off their foster cat. Foster and adopter figure out the logistics of the virtual meet and greet.
    You can find more info on our adoption process from foster homes here: 
    Happy to talk more if you want or have more questions. 

    Jennah Billeter
    Humane Rescue Alliance

  • 3.  RE: Municipal shelter adopt from foster for cats input?

    Posted 08-06-2021 02:15 PM
    What Jennah said!  Also you can find Pima County's instructions for fosters adopting pets out of their homes here:

    Kelly Duer
    Maddie's Fund